Numeracy Database

Uploading from a CSV file

If you have a large amount of data or your data is stored in a Student Management System, you may prefer to upload data to the database from a CSV file (spreadsheet) rather than entering students individually using the database interface.

Click on 'Upload data (CSV)' in the menu. This will take you to the screen shown below. Click on ‘Browse…’, find the CSV file on your computer, and then click on ‘Upload’.

You will be taken to a screen which provides a summary of the data uploaded (see below) and notifies you of any errors in uploading.

There are several things to be aware of when uploading data in this way:

Things to check before uploading

Reformatting data from a SMS

The data that you can export from your SMS may not be in the correct format for uploading to the Numeracy Database. You will need to edit it to match the format of the template file.

The Find and replace function in Excel makes it easy to change all instances of a piece of text in a spreadsheet. For example, if your file has a number of students with "Advanced counting" as their entry for one domain, you can use Find and replace to change all of these to "4", so that they will upload correctly.

Note that Excel is likely to change cells with 2-4 to say 2-Apr and cells with 2-3 to say 2-Mar, since it interprets these as dates. You can ignore this as the database will correct it on upload.

Data to upload

There are three options for uploading data:

  1. Demographic data only
    If you want to upload only demographic data then you can complete those columns only. If you are adding new students you need to include data for all demographic fields (Student ID, DOB, Year, Gender, Ethnicity, and Class). It is important that each student have a unique Student ID. The columns for Ethnicity2 and Ethnicity3 are optional, and can be left blank if they do not apply. You will need to include an entry in the DataEntry cloumn, but this will not show anywhere, so we suggest you just use 1 for all students if you are not uploading any actual results.
  2. Numeracy results only
    Once students' demographic information is entered in the database you can upload their numeracy results by completing the data columns for whichever domains you have results. You do not need to include results for every domain. As long as you include the StudentID column the data will be assigned to the correct student. You also need to include an entry in the DataEntry column. This can be any number from 1 to 4. If your school is only entering two sets of data each year we recommend that you enter your data as 1 (initial) and 2 (final).
  3. Complete data
    You can upload both demographic data and numeracy results at the same time. In this case you will need to include all demographic fields, as well as the relevant numeracy fields.

Important points to note